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Seibu Fasteners has been operating in Santa Fe Springs since May, 1982. We are a California Incorporated Company (Inc.). The company occupies 5,000 square feet of inventory area, including offices for administration, sales/customer service, and a quality assurance area. Seibu is a fastener distributor/importer company. We provide fasteners in a wide range of sizes and specialties. In the off chance our client needs a fastener we donít stock; our close affiliations with our manufacturers mean we can satisfy our clientís needs quickly. Seibu understands that customer satisfaction is the key ingredient to making customers come back. That is why Seibu continues to stock the necessary product and be able to distribute it without delay.

SEIBU FASTENERS provide on-time delivery, thereby reducing customer inventory and providing them with overall cost reduction.
The products SEIBU FASTENERS supply are of high quality and have attributes that enable customers to carry out their business functions.
SEIBU FASTENERS' products competitively priced, thus helping customers control their own bottom line.